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Interstate Safety

With decades of experience in the industry, Interstate Safety is a brand that offers complete range of professional grade pneumatic products, parts, accessories and other related items.

At Interstate Safety we combine cutting edge design and engineering with highest quality manufacturing standards and rigorous quality assurance to yield a product range that ticks all the right boxes in terms of quality, performance and durability. Interstate Safety is committed to offering products that can go toe to toe with big name brands at a fraction of their prices.


Interstate Safety is a leading manufacturer and distributor of protective head gear, safety hand wear, protective eye gear, safety masks, ear protection accessories and back support belts.

As veteran manufacturers and distributors of power and pneumatic tools, aftermarket parts, and accessories, we realize the struggles and challenges that American craftsmen have to face on daily basis. And safety is the most significant of them all.

Using all of our industry experience, skill and resources, Interstate Safety has created an assortment of safety gear and accessories that solves the issue of a regular craftsman. That’s why countless supply houses, construction and industrial retailers, tool repair shops and even manufacturers rely on us to provide affordably priced protective equipment that their customers can put their trust in.

Interstate Safety


American General Tool Group's mission is to empower craftsmen, handymen, and everyday hobbyists with powerful, innovative and affordable solutions so they can achieve brilliance in what they do.


Our vision is to completely blur the line between the craftsman and his craft with post-modern era tools that become the extension of the individual taking technology out of the way.

Our Philosophy

At American General Tool Group, we believe in achieving our goals with utmost integrity and regard toward social responsibility. We don't just believe in achieving excellence but achieving it through honest innovation, sense of responsibility and strong work ethic. We believe honest crafts can only be served with honest solutions.

Message From CEO

American General Tool Group

At American General Tool Group, we take pride in our commitment to the contribute toward development of leading products that play an imperative part in molding how craftsmen, laborers, and contractors approach their crafts in this cutting edge world. AGTG has helped us subduing challenges that usually accompany a diverse business donning multiple brands while streamlining the digital process that makes these class leading products accessible to everyone.

Our success story is all about developing a premier workforce within a work environment that values unique ideas, encourages individual growth and treats all employees with respect, to educational and development initiatives for improving the quality of life as well as work.

I'm extremely enthused and glad to lead this organization; prouder still to work with such a gifted gathering of individuals. Searched out by our esteemed clients, regarded by our rivals, American General Tool Group has never been in a better position to shape the eventual fate of American craftsmanship.

Nasreen Godil

Nasreen Godil

President & CEO

Altaf Godil

Altaf Godil

President & COO

American General Tool Group has been successful in putting together a team of gifted and committed individuals giving them the chance to learn, develop and succeed while contributing heavily toward AGTG’s success. This positive attitude in relation to innovation and business has put American General Tool Group on a platform from where we can push ourselves to accomplish each and every goal.

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    Kirk Strebin

    National Sales Manager
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    Michelle Faciones

    Operations / Office Manager
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    Luis Mariscal

    Operations / General Manager
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    Shaz Khan

    Product Manager
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    Joe Smith

    Account / Outside Sales
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    Alex Robbins

    Account Manager
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    Connie Lee

    Accounting Manager
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    Danny Bolanos

    Customer Service Representative
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    Sergio Niebla Felix

    Marketing Manager